How a toilet incident got Chunky Pandey her first movie – bollywood news

There have been several comedic actors in Bollywood, but no one looks like Chunky Pandey. He has a unique style of making people laugh at his expense, which is a bit different from traditional slapstick comedy. Chunky has played several humorous roles in a number of films so far, but the way he got his first draft is an incredibly hilarious comedy sketch in itself.

On a recent YouTube talk show, Chunky recalled that in his early days he went to a churidar pajama party. He remembers: “I had a few more beers, so I ran to the toilet to relieve myself and I couldn’t open my naada. And I shouted: ‘Koi mujhe help karo (Someone m ‘help) !’ They thought I was really funny. ” The first person to approach him was filmmaker Pahlaj Nihlani.

Chunky added, “Can you believe it? We talked and there was no internet at the time. So we started having this conversation and he asked me ‘What are you doing?’ I said, “I’m a model, I try to make movies. Sir, what are you doing? ”. He said,“ I just made a movie with Govinda called Ilzaam. ”I almost passed out. I passed out. I said,“ You are Pahlaj Nihalani ! What a pleasure to meet you. “Without washing my hands, I tried to shake his hand.”

A few days later, Pahlaj invites Chunky into his office where he signs his first film.

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