MUST READ! Before tasting SUCCESS, these Bollywood actors did ODD JOBS; Read more

MUMBAI: It’s a knowledgeable contribution to knowing our favorite celebrity life before she becomes a Bollywood star. Some actors didn’t become stars overnight, but behind their fame lies a great wrestling story. Few Bollywood actors worked for normal jobs. This was before they achieved great fame in the film industry. For example, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, famous for sacred games, worked as a guard in his difficult life before he became a star, Gully Boy actor Ranveer Singh worked as a copywriter for a famous advertising agency.

Born stars vaguely mean that acting talent has been ingrained in their genes from the very beginning of their lives! There are a lot of big names in the entertainment industry today who started acting later in life after giving other jobs a chance and then they changed to be part of Bollywood.

While Haseen actor Dillruba Harshvardhan Rane left his hometown at the age of 16 and did odd jobs, Nawazuddin Siddiqui had worked as a guard before he made it to Bollywood. Check out the stories below,

Amitabh Bachchan

Bollywood Big B is now known as a legend in Bollywood, not many people know that Big B’s very first job was in a coal mine which was located in Kolkata where he worked for around 7-8 years! He then started working as a business executive before turning to theaters and showing off his acting skills.

Nawazuddin siddiqui


Success did not come easily to Nawazuddin. Siddiqui had to fight very hard to establish a benchmark in the Bollywood industry. During his wrestling days, the actor worked as a gatekeeper before making a name for himself in the movie industry.

Harshvardhan Rane

Rane is spotted in his recently released movie Haseen Dillruba, Harshvardhan had shared in several interviews that he ran away from his hometown when he was 16 and took odd jobs such as redesigning old furniture, working as a delivery man and had even delivered a helmet to John Abraham once! The actor has now achieved a name of fame in Bollywood.

Ranveer Singh


Ranveer Singh has gained enormous popularity in the Bollywood industry. His name flashes in the A-listers of the film industry. Ranveer is currently the “big star” of the film industry, but he once worked as a copywriter at a popular advertising agency.

Boman Irani

Boman Irani is an inspiration to many. It is for those who are not afraid to start something new in life, regardless of their age. Age can’t be a barrier at all, that’s what Boman Irani proves. Before he rose to fame in the film industry, the actor once served tables at the Taj Mahal Palace in Mumbai.

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