Satish Kaushik talks about the setbacks and failures of Bollywood life

Satish Kaushik began his journey 42 years ago from Delhi to Bombay. He made his trip viable and stable on his own. Satish Kaushik also assisted in the movie Masoom and Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro. Satish Kaushik explains in more detail his setbacks in life and states “After Roop Ki Rani, Choron Ka Raja, I went down and had more failures. At first, it was the whole struggle to get to Bollywood.

He further adds – I was in a textile factory for a year, after coming to Bombay, just to get to know the city. I did not know anyone. Slowly things got better and that fight was there. You do it and then you fall. You accept your failures as much as you succeed and that is why I continue to work, play, produce and do my theater. Don’t get bogged down in your failures. Take it normally and at 54, I still act in films in quick succession ”.

Satish Kaushik adds, “Always be good to people. You learn so many lessons at this age after having worked for 40 years in the film industry.

Satish Kaushik further shares: “For me, this journey ended in 18 years. It’s as long as Lal Bihari’s fight. It’s his 18 year fight like mine, but it took 18 years to make the movie. “

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