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10 Bollywood actors who spoke out against sexism in public

During The Kapil Sharma show, Andrea Kevichusa politely and firmly closed a flirtatious and sexist question. Here are 10 other Bollywood actors who have spoken out about sexism in public.

Anekdirector Anubhav Sinha and lead actors Andrea Kevichusa and Ayushmann Khurrana appeared as guests on The Kapil Sharma showa comedy show featuring celebrity interviews.

After the introduction, Kapil Sharma asked Andrea Kevichusa “Can I call you just gorgeous”, as he couldn’t pronounce her name. Kevichusa immediately replied, “I think Andrea is just appropriate.” It’s fashionable to call people by their names and pronounce them correctly, so should TV hosts struggle with the names of their guests?

10 Bollywood actors who spoke out against sexism in public

  • After speaking his mind, actor Sonam Kapoor was called a bimbo in a Twitter thread. In response, Kapoor tweeted, “That’s exactly the misogynist mentality I was talking about.” She added that “insults don’t make you smarter [sic]”.
  • Kangana Ranaut was asked about the “lifespan” of Bollywood actresses, to which she replied “People very conveniently ask these questions of women, but they would never ask that question of a man. This question itself is unfair and should not be asked.Ageism is a problem in Bollywood and several films have cast women as the mothers of the male lead, even though there is a very small age gap.Actor Anushka Shetty has played Prabhas’ wife in Baahubaliin Bahahubali 2, she played the role of Prabhas’ mother. At the time of its release, Shetty was 36 and Prabhas 38.
  • Ananya Panday took the floor The Ranveer Show about how, early in her career, people made sexist comments and unwanted suggestions about her body. She said, “Do people really care about this? Is this what I am reduced to? Is there anything about me that is more important than my size or my chest? »
  • Neena Gupta has been trolled for meeting lyricist and poet Gulzar while wearing shorts. Gupta replied and said, “I would like to educate some trolls who were targeting me for wearing shorts when I met Gulzar Sahab. We became friends when he picked me up every morning to play tennis. So we were always in shorts when we met”.
  • After Priyanka Chopra was called “the wife of Nick Jonas” by a media outlet, Chopra said “Very interesting that I’m promoting one of the most iconic film franchises of all time, and I’m still referenced as ‘wife of.’ She asked if she should add her IMDB link to her social media account.
  • Janhvi Kapoor talked about how women are held to a certain standard, and if they don’t meet it, people think they have the right to say anything. She said, “As a woman, if you don’t meet a certain standard, everyone has a right to say something.”
  • During an interview, a journalist speculated that Ranveer Singh financed the film Chappaakand said he was kind of a producer because his money was put into the movie. To this, Deepika Padukone replied with “Excuse me, ye kisne bola? Ye mere khud ke paise hai… Meri mehanat hai. (Excuse me, who said that? It’s my own money, it’s my hard work.)
  • A journalist asked Vidya Balan if she would appear in more female-centric films or focus on weight loss. Balan expressed confusion about the connection between female-centric films and weight loss before responding. She said “Mein jo kaam karri hu usse bahut khush hu. Aap logo ka nazariya badal jaye toh bahut accha hoga. (I’m very happy with the work I’m doing. If you changed your perception, that would be great.)
  • Maintaining journalistic integrity and focusing on important issues, a reporter asked Sunny Leone if she would rather give him a kiss or a crore of rupees. Leone didn’t choose any of the options and said he had a chance “to ask me anything and that’s what you asked”.
  • Taapsee Pannu spoke about the misogyny and sexism she’s seen, including being replaced in films because the male lead’s wife didn’t want her in the film. She also recounted an incident where a lead actor wanted to change his character’s intro scene “because he felt it would overpower his intro scene.”
    Pannu added that these were incidents that happened in front of her. “I don’t know what’s going on behind my back.”

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