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11 Bollywood movie scenes that made us emotional and etched in our hearts forever

The year Taare Zameen Par came out, I remember watching it with my hostel friends in my school’s MPH (multipurpose hall). As soon as the song ‘Maa’ started, all my friends, myself included, started crying because at some point in our lives, even we felt ‘abandoned’ as our parents dropped us off at the door of boarding school.

Movies are magical. The cast and entire film crew go through rigorous series of recreations and practice sessions to add life to a movie. While box office receipts decide the fate of a film, some films are much more so!

Like, The Sky Is Pink was a moving movie for Ayesha Chaudhary and her whole family as it was a beautiful ode to her. Farhan Akhtar and Priyanka Chopra brought Ayesha’s real-life story to life and brought us to tears!


Movies and fictional characters are sometimes cathartic and have the ability to capture us in their world.

We have selected 11 scenes from Bollywood movies that are sure to remind you of moments that have made an irreplaceable place in your hearts.

1. Funerary scene of Vikram Batra at Shershaah

The scene brought most of us to tears as the song

The Shershaah scene was shot in the presence of Vikram’s twin brother, Vishal Batra. Few know that the footage was shot at the same location in Palampur where Batra’s funeral took place years ago. The cast was emotional during filming, and proof of that was the sequence which looks honest and heartbreaking. The scene brought most of us to tears as the song “Man Bhareya” matched the mood perfectly.

2. Harsh Kapoor’s death scene in Kapoor & Sons

.  While their marriage was

The scene where Ratna Pathak Shah holds Harsh’s sweater and slips her foot into his slippers after he dies can break anyone’s heart. While their marriage wasn’t perfect, but the way Ratna Pathak mourns the death of her husband was captured so beautifully.

3. The last sequence to Ramprasad Ki Tehravi

The last sequence in Ramprasad Ki Tehravi

The creators of Masaan and Newton know how to connect with the public. Seema Pahwa’s directorial debut will warm the shells of your heart, and if you haven’t watched it yet, now is the right time. Supriya Pathak, the master of his craft, portrayed grief with such compassion that it shows. The final sequence where she remembers her husband and begins her own life journey after the drama around the funeral ends will be etched in your heart for a long time.

4. The sequence unfolds when Mimi decides that she will let Raj’s biological mother take her to the United States.

    The sequence is when Mimi decides she will let Raj's biological mother take her to the United States.

The whole sequence with the voice of Kailash Kher and the music of AR Rahman looks like sad poetry in motion. The scene shows how heartbroken Mimi and her whole family realize that they will have to give up on Raj. The footage shows their happy times as they all get emotional even at the thought of Raj not being there.

5. Malti’s depression scene when she sees her distorted face for the first time in the mirror

Malti's breakdown scene when she sees her distorted face for the first time in the mirror
Hot Star

Malti accepts her fate and embraces reality after the unfortunate acid attack. However, when she wakes up in the middle of the night and sees herself for the first time, she screams in pain. The moment you realize his life will never be the same again is so compelling it will make you cry.

6. When Mannie dies in “Dil Bechara.”

When Mannie dies in 'Dil Bechara.'
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Anything about the Hindi adaptation of John Green’s ‘The Fault in Our Stars’ is sure to get you emotional. Before his death, late actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s last movie made him super emotional for people. The scene where Manny asks his friends if they will miss him after his death will tear you apart. If you’re a Sushant fan, watch the movie with a box of tissues, please?

7. When Ayesha draws the portrait of Aditi during her last days before her death in “The sky is pink”

When Ayesha draws the portrait of Aditi during her last days before her death in 'The Sky is Pink'

The scene where Aditi and Viren look at each other without understanding, realizing that they are going to lose Ayesha, is heartbreaking. As Ayesha tries her best to live out her best days with her family, Ayesha and Viren are saddened by the reality that will change their lives forever!

8. When Indranil mercilessly rapes Bulbbul in Bulbbul

When Rahul Bose mercilessly rapes Bulbul in Bulbul

Indrani’s act of hooliganism is heartbreaking. Apart from the sense of entitlement he shows the women of the house, the way he sexually and physically exploits Bulbbul is what will disgust you and make you sad.

9. The Kaamyaab Climax Scene


The whole movie will have you pensive and emotional about the supporting cast who hardly ever get their due. However, the last scene is so well written that all you want to do is kiss Sanjay Mishra for his performance.

10. When Ashwin calls Ratna on her way to the Village to attend Sir’s wedding

.  When Ashwin calls Ratna when she goes to the Village to attend the wedding to Sir

Many scenes have you rooting for Ratna. A scene where Ashwin comes over and tells Ratna he’ll drop her off at her house when she’s sitting with her fellow housekeepers on the floor while eating is a reality in itself. The film is a heartwarming watch in its entirety, but Tilotama Shome’s acting is what makes the movie even more heartwarming.

11. When Major Vihaan’s brother-in-law is martyred and his little niece lets out a loud battle cry

When Major Vihaan's brother-in-law is martyred and his little niece lets out a loud battle cry

When Major Karan Kashyap’s daughter utters the motto of the Indian Army, “Shauryam…Daksham…Yuddheya…” to Uri, you cry silently. The scene was shot with great respect for the Indian Army.

How many have you seen? Tell us in the comments below!