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4 Big Budget Bollywood Movies That Fell Flat

There are a large number of people who watch movies in India. Every producer-director in Bollywood, before making a film, knows what audience his film is for. The producers also pour money into the film thinking the same thing. But sometimes that bet doesn’t work. The film fails to please its target audience and falls […]

Bollywood movies

Aamir Khan Blames OTT For Bollywood Movies Failing At The Box Office

All eyes are on Aamir Khan for his upcoming film Laal Singh Chaddha. The long-awaited film is finally ready for release after a long delay due to various obstacles over the past few years. Aamir Khan, who asked the public not to boycott Laal Singh Chaddha and demanded to watch his film, has spoken out […]

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Star power is nothing without good content, says Alia Bhatt – Bollywood News

A few years ago, the mere star power of a Bollywood actor was enough to bring audiences to theaters. However, this is not the case today. Post-pandemic, several up-and-coming movies starring big mainstream actors have exploded at the box office. In a recent chat with The Indian Express, actress Alia Bhatt shared that at present, […]

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Alia Bhatt thinks Bollywood actors’ salaries should be ‘reassessed’ after several failures

Alia Bhatt has been painting the town since she married her longtime father-in-law Ranbir Kapoor and later announced she was going to be a mother. To top it off, the long-awaited trailer for her upcoming movie “Darlings” managed to captivate fans with her exquisite acting skills and phenomenal screen presence. Gangubai actress Kathiawadi, who is […]

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actress darling alia bhatt reacts is there pressure on bollywood actors by state | Are Bollywood actors under pressure from the state? Ali said…

Bollywood actress Alia Bhatt is currently in the limelight due to her movie ‘Darling’. A few days ago the trailer for this movie was released. After that, the film was the subject of a heated discussion on social networks. Alia also made her debut as a producer with this film. Apart from that, she will […]