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5 Bollywood Movies That Were Castists

It’s an absurd caste level, Bollywood.


Dhadak (2018)

Dharma Productions/Via Youtube

For a movie that was supposed to be a remake of sairatwhich fully and shamelessly portrays caste discrimination, Dhadak not only minimizes it, but also equalizes it through class-based discrimination. Other than Madhu’s father (Ishaan Khattar) mentioning that they belong to an oppressed community a few times, caste is completely erased in the film.


Khobsurat (2014)

Walt Disney Pictures India/Via Youtube

In KhobsuratManju (Kirron Kher) refers to Queen Nirmala Devi Rathore (Ratna Pathak Shah) as “Royal Kanjarkhana”. Kanjarkhana literally translates to “a house full of Kanjar”. The Kanjar community is a nomadic tribe and deserves better than to be used as an insult in this film.

Manju, in another scene, defends his daughter’s “worth” by pointing out that she is a Rajput, just like the royal family. Simply put, according to this movie, Rajput = Good but Kanjar = Bad.


Padmaavat (2018)

Bhansali Productions/Via Youtube

The film aggressively asserts Rajput pride and glorifies caste. Doesn’t that make Padmaavat toxic and caste at base? Has a lower caste community ever gotten that kind of space in Indian cinema?


Bajirao Mastani (2015)

Bhansali Productions/Via

This film is about the glorification of the Peshwa regime and erases the caste atrocities they committed by further erasing the history of how oppressed castes were treated under his rule.


Lagan (2001)

Aamir Khan Productions

I will be brief. The only Dalit character is called “Kachra”, as in “garbage”.