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7 Grey-Haired Bollywood Actors Challenged Ageism Stereotypes

Gray is all over the internet, as it’s become a style statement since actors and influencers started denigrating ageism by embracing their silver locks. Previously, actors were conditioned to look a certain way to look more “desirable” to their fans. However, this narrative has changed as most of them have begun to challenge societal paradigms of beauty. Here is a list of gray-haired Bollywood actors who have redefined the concepts of ageism.

From Akshay Kumar to Sameera Reddy, gray-haired male and female Bollywood actors have argued against the age-old stereotypical practice of ageism by flaunting their gray locks on various occasions. These actors attempted to redefine the definition of beauty by trying to normalize people with gray hair in their old age. Societal beauty standards should not dictate how a person decides to achieve their personality.

Here are some gray-haired Bollywood actors who have defied society’s age-old beauty standards by embracing their silver-gray hair:

neha dupia

Neha Dhupia considers her silver locks a lucky charm for her. The actor has had a streak of gray hair since she was a child. She has never attempted to hide her gray hair from the public as it only makes her more confident in herself.

Ratna Pathak Shah

Ratna Pathak Shah started dyeing her hair at the age of 30 when she noticed a few strands of gray hair growing. She admitted that she was influenced by society’s beauty standards and wondered if she wouldn’t get the roles she wanted because of her hair color. However, she noticed that she did some of her best works after she stopped coloring her hair.

Akshay Kumar

Bollywood star, Akshay Kumar has been spotted repeatedly flaunting her gray haired look on various occasions. The actor strongly believes in inner beauty rather than outward appearance, it’s pretty obvious. In addition, his fitness and activity clearly speaks of his stamina.

Arjun Rampal

Earlier, Arjun Rampal posted a photo in his new gray look on his social media. His fans appreciated the actor for breaking the prejudice of ageism.

Bollywood actors with gray hair

Arjun Rampal flaunting his gray look.

Sameera Reddy

Actor Sameera Reddy has been seen repeatedly advocating body positivity on her social media space. Not only did she speak out against the stereotypes of stretch marks and loose skin, but the actor was also seen showing off his silver locks in one of the photos. She thinks it’s important to break those unreal beauty standards.

Sameera Reddy white hair

Image credit: Sameera Reddy/Instagram

Milind Soman

Actor-model Milind Soman has never dyed his hair to look as good as he looks today. The 56-year-old is among the most desirable actors even with his gray hair.

Bollywood actors with gray hair

Milind Soman’s gray hair look

Lara Dutta

Former Miss Universe Lara Dutta remarked in an Instagram post that her gray hair never bothers her much as she considers it just hair. She believes it is important for a person to embrace their true self.

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