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8 Bollywood actors who are also active gamers

The world of video games is fascinating, to say the least. Video games are not only used to escape the monotony of everyday life, but also help us de-stress. People who love the game can keep their inner child alive. They also have better hand-eye coordination than non-gamers. Video games also enhance our creativity and make us more competitive individuals. Maybe that’s why some of our Bollywood idols love games too.

Here Are 8 Bollywood Actors Known For Their Love Of Video Games

Shah Rukh Khan

The King’s obsession with video games is not hidden from his fans. The megastar has always expressed his love for video games. Khan’s passion for the game can be measured by the fact that one of the floors of his lavish bungalow Manate, is entirely dedicated to video games. He’s as tech-savvy as they come. The star’s sons, Aryan and AbRam, are big game fans too. Last year, the actor’s wife, Gauri Khan, shared a photo of their sons enjoying a “boys night out”. SRK also commented on the post. In his comment, he had written about how the games were the new bonding force for the two brothers. “Brothers who play together, I guess they stay together,” he commented.

John Abraham

Image: Screenshot from YouTube

Apparently a PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) pro, the hunk is also an avid gamer. Abraham is a sports lover, both indoors and outdoors. His love for bikes is also something that reflects his adventurous side to his fans. In 2013, the actor also became the face of a mobile game, which was called John Abraham Drag Racer. The game was based on Abraham’s love of speed and cycling. “Hey guys this is my new game John Abraham Drag Racer something very close to my heart, watch it at the following links,” the actor tweeted.

Varun Dhawan

Dhawan is known to be someone you can talk to all day. The actor has been a fan of video games since he was a teenager. In an interview, Dhawan revealed that Super Mario was the first game he dabbled in, on his old 8-bit console. His brother and director Rohit Dhawan is also a big fan of video games and had given him a SEGA game console. In the interview, Dhawan had also explained that FIFA and Grand Theft Auto were his favorite video games of all time. The actor also appeared in his digital avatar in his own soccer-based video game called Varun’s City.

Akshay Kumar

Kumar is a hardcore adventurer at heart and his love for the world of online gaming should come as no surprise to anyone. From being the Xbox 360 brand ambassador to launching his own FAU-G mobile game, Kumar’s love of video games is well known to his fans. In September 2020, the superstar gifted India his own war action game Fearless And United (FAU-G) as an alternative to the popular PUBG. The game has had the highest number of pre-registrations on PlayStore.

Arshad Warsi

Known for his brilliant comedic timing in moves like Munna Bhai MBBS and Jolley LLB, Warsi is also known for his love of video games. Like his Kabul Express and Goal co-star John Abraham, Warsi is also a fan of PUBG. His passion for gaming was evident when he streamed his PUBG team game. During the game he aired, the actor had performed extremely well, achieving an extraordinarily high score.

Abhishek Bachchan

The fact that Bachchan Junior has his own sports team should be enough to understand his love for sports and games. The actor’s interest in video games was revealed to his fans by his father, the legendary Amitabh Bachchan, himself a sports fan. The superstar had written a blog post in which he told his fans about the mutual love of his son Abhishek Bachchan and his Happy New Year co-star Shah Rukh Khan for the PS4. ”These people are not interested in the job. Sitting in the comfort of Shah Rukh Khan’s van and immersed in a PS4 football game, they take their time getting out, until I have to burst in and well immerse myself in the game as well,’ wrote Big B.

Tiger Shroff

One of the biggest Call of Duty fans in the country, Tiger Shroff is a video game enthusiast. Fans were surprised a few years ago when the talented action hero shared a video of himself playing Call of Duty (COD) Mobile. “New hobby in my ‘me time,'” the post read.

Shroff also posted about gaming with famous esports player Naman Mathur aka Soul Mortal. He also invited his fellow gamers to join the two for the game.

Boman Irani

Boman Irani is known for his contagious energy and cheerful nature. It should come as no surprise, then, that the actor kept his inner child alive. Gambling might just be one of the ways to do that. Irani was also part of a campaign by computer giant HP. The campaign aimed to challenge cultural stereotypes around the games. the 3 idiots The actor was also one of the first celebrities in India to post his PS5 purchase from Games The Shop, on their social media accounts.

Hero image courtesy: K2K Pro – YouTube; Feature image: Courtesy of Tiger Shroff/Instagram

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