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Abhishek Bachchan thinks there is nothing wrong with remakes – Bollywood News

Bollywood’s tendency to remake South Indian films has often been criticized. Fans and critics say the remakes and adaptations are the result of some filmmakers’ lack of creativity and money-hungry mindset. However, actor Abhishek Bachchan does not share the same sentiment. He thinks remakes are just as common in Southern film industries as they are in Bollywood and there’s nothing wrong with that.

During a recent chat with The Indian Express, Abhishek said, “Are you telling me that Hindi movies are not being remade in the South? This is an unfair question because no matter what you say, the answer is defensive. We are all part of the Indian film industry. We may work in different languages, but we are part of the same industry. We all cater to the same audience. It is not quite fair to label any film industry. Movies in Hindi or any language have always been remade”. This is not a new phenomenon. There was always an exchange (of content) all the time. Nothing wrong with that.”

Talking about the success of recently released Southern films like “RRR”, “Pushpa” and “KGF: Chapter 2”, Abhishek said, “Currently these films are doing so well. But they always worked well. Our films have done well in Sud. This is not a new phenomenon. We are part of a big family. Thus, the exchange of content is inevitable. The exchange does not happen because there is a shortage of ideas in a certain industry. It’s a choice we make as creators.