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Actor Gourav Chaudhary’s success story bears a striking resemblance to Bollywood films

Posted: Posted Date – 6:17 PM, Wed – 8 Jun 22

Bollywood movies are full of heroes who achieve their dreams despite several challenges in life. While these roles are inspiring, they are still fictional, the world is full of stories of real people that offer better inspiration. Such an inspiring story is that of actor Gourav Chaudhary. Gourav faced multiple obstacles in his journey, but his uniqueness lies in the fact that he never gave up. We talked to him about his background and it’s as good as a Bollywood story. With a balance of dream and drama in his story, Gourav achieved his dreams and succeeded. From a struggling actor, he reached a turning point in his life. He has a lead role in a web series that will soon air on one of the OTT platforms. Gourav, passionate about an acting career from childhood, started auditioning for acting roles right after he was 12 years old. While his parents wanted him to get an education, all he wanted was an acting career. To find a middle way, Gourav enrolled in a course at the Frankfinn Institute in Mumbai.

This meant that his parents would be convinced that he was not wasting his time struggling and that he could stay in Mumbai and attend the auditions. Gourav looks back on his journey and smiles as he recalls how he sometimes skipped class to attend auditions. However, he also remembers this time as the darkest period of his life. Gourav attended many auditions but got no response.

Once he finished his studies, he got a job in an airline but he couldn’t enroll because he had an accident in his hometown. Gourav calls it fate because it was then that he learned about from his brother. He then started making and posting videos. Simultaneously, he began tutoring students in his neighborhood to earn money.

His tutoring efforts were successful and he also received job offers from schools. Gourav, however, was determined to pursue an acting career. While he saw a lot of people succeeding through TikTok, Gourav couldn’t find significant luck. None of his videos went viral and he was discouraged. When he had 10,000 subscribers, one of his videos went viral. It received 700,000 views and 84,000 likes. As a result, Gaurav’s subscriber base grew by 10,000 subscribers in just 2 days. However, in the months that followed, it seemed that this happiness was short-lived. Despite a lot of effort, none of his videos ever went viral. He was close to giving up. Just when Gourav decided to bury his dreams and focus on his tutoring career, he posted the last two videos on his TikTok. This turned out to be a turning point in Gourav’s life as one of these videos went viral. It was popular video ‘Mela Babu ne thana thaya’.

Gourav became a TikTok sensation overnight and his follower base grew to 100,000 followers within 2 days. It was just the beginning of his hit saga and Gaurav has given many popular dialogues ever since.

He had hit another roadblock when TikTok was banned in India. However, by that time, he had already crossed 100,000 subscribers on Instagram and YouTube. He is now followed by 740,000 subscribers on Instagram. With 6.8 million subscribers, he was signed as an exclusive content creator by Mx Takatak and also completed several brand assignments.

To add another feather to his cap, Gourav will be seen in a web series that will be released on one of the OTT platforms shortly. Gourav is very proud of his achievement and is determined to appear in more web series in the future. Gourav’s story is an inspiration to never give up on your dreams. We hope more people realize this and keep working hard to achieve their dreams.

He dreams of being celebrated even after his death and hopes that people will remember him for his good work. Gourav’s journey is an inspiration to young people to keep working towards achieving their dreams.