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After Hollywood Snub, Russian cinemas show sold-out Bollywood films starring Prabhas’ Radhe Shyam

Russia is in big trouble these days.

I mean, we can start from the zillions of sanctions that have been imposed on them by so many nations of the world. Not only that, President Vladimir Putin remains the number one undesirable person in the world right now for waging war on Ukraine.

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There have been so many lives lost due to Putin’s decision to attack Ukraine that Russia has literally been left isolated by everyone.

This includes international companies and organizations.

This also includes Hollywood, which has decided to limit film sales in the country. According to reports, major Hollywood studios have announced the suspension of new releases in the country, with Russian cinema networks now opting to show Bollywood blockbusters and films from other Asian and Latin American countries.

Now it is said that Bollywood films are already popular in the region and according to Olga Zinyakova, president of the Karo cinema chain, locals have been lining up to watch Bollywood films.

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“People were lining up to see Bollywood in cinemas, so there is interest in these films,” Zinyakova said.

Now there is an Indian movie which is really loved in the country, and it stars a very famous superstar actor from South India.

The film is none other than the recently released film Radhe Shyam starring Baahubali star Prabhas.

A film by Radhe Shyam
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As you know it, Prabhas is one of the highest paid actors in Indiaand his films are watched religiously by fans.

Now, according to reports, the projection of its Radhe Shyaam was so successful that it sold houses. This is quite an achievement considering the popularity of Indian films outside the country.

With Prabhas and Pooja Hegde in the lead roles, Radhe Shyam involves Prabhas playing the role of a palm reader with the film revolving around the mystery of time and a war between love and fate.

Well, while the film received mixed reactions in the country, especially at the time of the release of Kashmir Filesit is good to know that the film is doing so well in Russia.

Source: ANI