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Akshay Khanna has a thing for thrillers – Bollywood News

Throughout his career, actor Akshay Khanna has worked in several well-received thriller films like “Humraaz”, “Naqaab”, “Race” and most recently “Ittefaq”. As of now, he is gearing up to play a major role in Ajay Devgan’s highly anticipated thriller ‘Drishyam 2’. In a recent interview, Akshay explained why he gravitates toward thrillers of all genres.

According to a report in ETimes, the actor said, “The genres that you watch and enjoy as an audience, it’s very natural to want to do those kinds of movies. So it all stems from being a fan of the thriller genre. These are the movies that over the years I’ve enjoyed watching and perhaps subconsciously draw me to them. As a movie buff, I like pretty much everything, but yeah, that genre is definitely the thriller genre. one of my favourites.

Since “Drishyam 2” is an adaptation of a Malayalam film, Akshay shared his two cents on the ongoing discussion of the rising popularity of pan-Indian cinema. He said: “I think it’s too late. Lakshman’s imagined rekha between South and North was never a negative thing, but it wasn’t a positive thing either. I don’t see why he should be some sort of division or segregation between the different film industries in India.”

Akshay concluded by saying, “After all, we’re essentially part of the same company. As talent, if we’re able to pool our resources, whether it’s in the acting department or any other department, I think this will not only help us enrich each other, but also the content we provide to the audience.It’s a fantastic thing that has now captured the imagination of audiences as well as filmmakers.