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Akshay Kumar Reveals Why He Undertakes So Many Projects – Bollywood News

Superstar Akshay Kumar, who was recently seen in the action comedy movie “Bachchan Pandey”, is known for his fast and efficient working style. Even in his mid-fifties, Akshay continues to jump from project to project and produces about five films a year. Few believe that Akshay began to value quantity over quality.

In a recent chat with Hindustan Times, Akshay addressed this issue and talked about his workaholic nature. He said: “Mujhe apni saari zindagi mein basic words for teenagers samajh aaye – Kaam, Kamaayi aur Karm. Main jee jaan laga ke kaam karta hoon. Zyada se zyada kaam karta hoon taaki zyada se zyada kamaayi kar sakun. I don’t say no no to any job that comes my way – kaisa bhi role ho, kaisa bhi function ho, kisi bhi cheez ki ad karni ho Kyunki kaam se aati hai kamaayi, aur uss se main koshish karta hoon achhe se achha karm karne ki.

The actor added, “For the past few years, I’ve paid the maximum tax each year and donated 10% of the remaining income to a worthy cause. If today I’m starting to think about doing less work , less movies, classified ads, so all those causes will also be impacted in some way. Simple hand insaan hun… Mujhe itna hi samajh aata hai – kaam kar, kamaayi kar, karm kar.”