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Ayushmann Khurrana recalls being abused by Bollywood stars – Bollywood News

From radio jockey and reality show contestant to one of Bollywood’s most beloved stars, Ayushmann Khurrana has come a long way. Today, he is known for his unique films and multi-talented personality, but many people don’t know that before he became big in Bollywood, Ayushmann used to interview celebrities for a living.

During a recent media interaction, he revealed that during this period he was treated rudely and harshly by several celebrities. Ayushmann told Bollywood Bubble, “Yeah yeah, often. Naam thodi bataunga (obviously I won’t take their names). It’s just that when you interview people, your A-game should be there. Like you ask” I ask myself questions, I should be interested in questions and also give you answers that make sense, and it’s interactive and engages the audience. Most actors don’t care sometimes. Maybe this time they didn’t.”

He further added: “They didn’t remember. Because if your movies come out, you have 20 interviews online, they don’t remember it. I’m glad they didn’t, it would have been embarrassing for them.”

Work-wise, Ayushmann has exciting films like “Anek”, “Doctor G” and “An Action Hero” currently in production.