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Bollywood Actors Alia Bhatt and Vicky Kaushal Who Married Their Real-Life Crushes

When SRK spoke ‘ek tarfa pyaar ki taakat’ and followed it up with ‘ispe sirf mera hakk hai’ in ADHM, we’ve all felt it, haven’t we? There’s something about falling in love with someone and if you’re lucky enough, they’ll fall in love with you and open their hearts.

Although we’ve all adorned our dreams with our “crush” at some point, a lucky few have managed to earn that love. Here are 5 Bollywood stars who ended up marrying their crush and made us believe that sometimes that chase (not the harassment, mind you, because consent is everything!) is worth it:

1. Ali Bhatt

Top of the list because look how happy and radiant she was on her wedding day! Ranbir Kapoor was also lucky with a partner like Alia, who talked about wanting to marry Ranbir in every interview she gave. The girl literally manifested her love affair and now they are all ready to become parents too.

2. Vicky Kaushal

Remember this episode of Coffee with Karan where when KJo told him that Katrina felt she would be fine with him on the big screen, he literally passed out jokingly on the couch? Another manifestation power here because while Vicky is the crush of so many girls, who knew he would end up marrying his own crush one day!

3. Ranveer Singh

He is a self-proclaimed fan of Deepika and has also confessed to having a crush on her and wanting to date her while he was with another person. Their PDA and 7-year relationship was so sacred to their fans that their wedding was like a dream wedding for anyone who believed in love stories.

4. Bobby Deol

Not many people know this, but Bobby saw his wife Tanya in a restaurant in Mumbai and it was love at first sight for him. He wooed her, won her over and years later they married in 1996. The couple have generally been camera shy.

5. Ayushmann Khurrana

Much like his down-to-earth choice of films, the actor’s real-life romance was also quite down-to-earth and straightforward. He had a huge crush on his wife Tahira and they met during private lessons. They finally started dating in college and are now parents to two beautiful children.

6. Shahrukh Khan

Take it from the king himself, when it comes to going the extra mile for the lady in his life. SRK and Gauri dated in high school and got married when he decided to come to Mumbai and continue acting. Their marriage was rock solid and an example of romance and partnership. The romance started when he spotted her at a school event and immediately fell in love with her. Absolute ‘filmy’ story!