Bollywood actors

Bollywood actors for gender equality and women’s rights

The Bollywood film industry has often been accused of being regressive, with many films, especially from the 90s, revolving around a reduced representation of women in terms of character, the roles they play and the type of costumes compared to their male co-star.

Lately, however, Bollywood movies and songs exposing actresses to the male gaze and spreading the concept have become a hot topic of discussion. For those unaware, the male gaze is described as the perspective of a typical heterosexual male, in this context film or visual media audiences, to look at the female in a sexualized way that empowers males and objectively the women.

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With the portrayal of women often being questioned in the Bollywood industry, many actors have also become part of the feminist moment to fight for gender equality and raise their voices for women’s rights. From speaking out on women’s issues to launching campaigns for female empowerment, here are 5 Bollywood men who are true heroes indeed.