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Bollywood movie sex scenes ranked from worst to best

If there’s one thing Bollywood movies are credited with, it’s the way they keep distorting what really constitutes fun. Foreplay is literally out the window and consent is incomplete at best.

While local streaming platforms seem to be in a constant race to give their viewers unfiltered access to the hottest erotica ever, Bollywood movies need to be subtle about their sex scenes. The censorship board’s many directives ban almost anything bordering on the “vulgar” – from frontal nudity to topless.

From the brand of eroticism and intrigue Emraan Hashmi to modern Bollywood films that seek to push the sanitized boundaries of genre and desire; we have come a long way indeed. And as with all progress, we were also wrong along the way.

Here is the definitive account of Bollywood’s partly hilarious, partly artistic relationship with sex.

12 sex scenes in Bollywood movies ranked from worst to best:

12. Nacha, 2013

A not-so-unique take on the old teacher-student sex trope, this Bollywood film marked the debut of model Poonam Pandey. The first part of the film tells that the student in question fantasizes about being given a lap dance by his teacher, while a particularly ridiculous scene in the second half shows that the teacher reluctantly “gives in” to his advances, but this times it’s real. The director hopes to save the ridiculousness of the scene with flowing white curtains, whiter dresses, and open windows – but nothing helps.

11. BA Pass, 2012