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Bollywood movies don’t have as much heroism as Southern cinema, says Salman Khan

Superstar Salman Khan said on Monday that it is the heroism of Southern films that attracts audiences to cinemas, something Hindi films lack today. The 56-year-old star, known for his mass performers like ”Wanted” and ”Dabangg” franchise, made the remarks while talking about pan-Indian culture in films at the International Indian Film Academy (IIFA) press conference here.

“We (South and Bollywood) both believed in heroism in film. When you step out of theaters, you have a hero. But here, apart from one or two people, we don’t make heroic films… ”Now people have become cool and think it’s cliché. With herosim, the emotional connection must be there, it’s important. This format started with Salim Khan and Javed Akhtar and then it took it to the next level,’ Khan said during the media interaction. Praising the writers and directors of the Southern film industry for their writing and vision, the ‘Bharat’ star said he hopes that instead of Southern films being remade in Hindi, the trend reverse. ”There should be times when they should retrieve our scripts. The writers there work hard. Directors also make concept films, which people see,’ Khan added. The actor has recently started filming for the upcoming Telugu action movie “Godfather”, which is headlined by Southern superstar Chiranjeevi. It is directed by Mohan Raja and marks Khan’s debut in the Telugu film industry. The actor, who made a pivotal appearance in the film, said he liked the idea and so agreed.

”It was a very good experience to work with him. I have known Chiru garu for a very long time, he is my friend and his son Ram Charan is also my friend and he did a good job in ‘RRR’. It’s so good when these guys do well. I am very proud of him. But why is it that our films don’t work there, their films work here?” he said.

When asked if he was planning a full-fledged appearance in a Southern film, the actor replied, “They don’t come to me with Telugu or Tamil, they come to me with Hindi films. .” Khan said he was happy to continue his association with the IIFA Awards and looked forward to entertaining the public. The 22nd IIFA Weekend and Awards, to be held May 20-21 at Yas Island, Abu Dhabi, will be hosted by Khan and Riteish Deshmukh.

Speaking about performing on stage, Khan said he was always energetic and rehearsing before the final act.

“You basically rehearse for endurance. The adrenaline rush really gets you excited and tires you out quickly. There are times when I’m tired backstage, but then you go. “You have to respect the people who come to see the show, so you have to do your best. If you don’t do your best, no one will come to watch you next time,” he added.

When asked if a host should be careful with jokes, Khan said: ”As a host you have to be sensitive. Humor is above the belt, not below the belt. ”Actor Varun Dhawan and actor-host Maniesh Paul, who were present at the event, also shared similar views.

“They are offended and you have to be careful,” Dhawan said.

Paul said they try to “draw the line,” but sometimes things get tricky.

“Before, the humor was ‘khul ke’ and now things have become sensitive… Every time I went on stage, I didn’t offend anyone. It all depends on your sense of humour,’ he said, adding that it’s an artist’s duty to check what the writers have written in the script.

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