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Bollywood Movies That Glorify Eve Teasing and Stalking

The incidence of teasing, sexual harassment and stalking is increasing day by day. Various people have linked him to Bollywood. There are a number of movies and songs that promote Eve teasing. Various people also believe that movies are just for entertainment purposes, but it’s human nature that we get affected by movies and try to do what the protagonists do. Recently, a girl was brutally burned by her neighbor. The neighbor first harassed her, then when she denied being with her. He killed her.
BJP leader Mainka Gandhi said in an interview that movies encourage bullying. Speaking of the movies, she once said, “The man and his friends will surround a woman, trip her…abuse her, touch her inappropriately and slowly, slowly, she’ll fall in love with him, and then the stays, he fights with someone or another and catches him,” she added, “Always…it starts with violence. And when we talk about movies today, exactly the same method that from the 1950s (is shown) … May we should ask ourselves if we should use this medium to propagate violence.” Here are some examples of Bollywood movies that make you think that Bollywood movies promote toxic behavior/

Badrinath ki Dulhaniya: This is one of the recent examples. The film stars Alia Bhatt and Varun Dhawan. The film is about a violent stalker who harasses, threatens and even kidnaps the woman he is obsessed with, despite her repeated refusals. The irony is that the girl not only tolerates his obsessive behavior, she actually finds the goodness in him and has fallen in love with him. Even when the end is different, the valorization of harassment remains. Now imagine is this possible in real life.

Tere Naam: The film became Blockbuster of the Year. In these films, the stalkers torture and ruin the lives of their victims through their morbid infatuation before choosing their own passionate end. Ironically, audiences swallowed the “heroes” message of selfless love and honesty and rooted for them. The actors’ craft has created a deep sense of sympathy among viewers, eliminating the fact that harassment is a purely criminal act. In the movie Salman Khan kidnapped the actress and what is pathetic is that the girl fell in love with Salman Khan,

Toilets: Ek Prem Katha: The film is based on a social issue. It feels like the movie has a strong message against open defecation, can we assume its message is as much about making stalking normal and even a preferred way to woo a woman? But Akshay Kumar is stalking Bhumi Pednekar and the actress fell in love with him. The most pathetic thing is that we find the stalking scene very normal.

Benam Badsha: This is one of the most pathetic films in film where the actress marries a person who raped her. The list of films glorifying and normalizing sexual harassment is long. Eve teasing, stalking, making endless efforts to woo the girl and endlessly harassing her is a part of almost every Bollywood movie, especially the ones that were made in the 90s.

Rehna heTere Dil me: Rehna He tere Dil me is one of the most beloved films, but the main actress herself admits that she does not understand why her character marries a stalker leaving a good guy. At the end of the film, the stalker grabs the girl and the descendant leaves.

Kambakkht Ishq and Housefull 4: Yes, the blatant disregard for consent is so common in Bollywood that there are many films where a woman is forcibly kissed by the hero, either to silence her or to show affection. The two listed here are just the tip of the iceberg! But forcibly kissing a girl is not acceptable, whether she is your crush, your partner or the Queen of England.

Raanjhana: Worse still, there are movies like Raanjhana that make bullying seem “harmless” by turning it into a joke. Harassment is not trivial and it is high time that it stopped being presented as romantic or funny. And rejection doesn’t mean trying harder.

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