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Bollywood movies that relied on disabilities for comic relief

Cinema is a powerful medium for influencing audiences. India is the largest producer of feature films in the world and has a global reach, while the Hindi film industry contributes the largest number of films. Comedy is a popular genre in Bollywood. Unfortunately, good movies are hard to come by because most filmmakers, in a desperate attempt, lose track of what’s funny and what’s offensive. There are gags about people with disabilities, the LGBTQ+ community, while racism and other sensitive topics are derided. Disability, in particular, has served as a source of comic relief in Bollywood films. Guzaarish, Barfi, My name is Khan, Margarita with a straware the few names that have handled the subject sensitively and quite realistically.

Here are some Bollywood films that have made an attempt at humor by relying on callous depictions of people with disabilities.

the Golmaal Series

Without a doubt, Golmaal is the biggest comedy blockbuster and it managed to earn hundreds of crores at the box office. However, let’s not forget that Bollywood film is very apathetic when it comes to featuring characters with disabilities. Tusshar Kapoor’s character has a speech impediment which was supposedly “funny”, while Paresh Rawal and Sushmita Mukherjee, who played an elderly blind couple, were the butt of many jokes. Insensitive a lot?


The film has a scene where Salman Khan declares Shah Rukh Khan as his favorite and it was considered the movie’s whistle-worthy scene (because of their infamous spinoffs), but the ‘blind girl’ remarkJab woh ladki aankh mein aankh daalke dekhe na, toh andhi ladki bhi patwa de‘ was completely out of place.

Full House 3

Full House 3The plot revolves around the main characters pretending to be disabled in order to marry the love of their life. All the laughs come from their impairment and that’s definitely problematic. Jackie Shroff, who plays the father of the three women, refuses to bless his daughters because they have chosen to marry people with disabilities. Full House 3 gave a message to openly mock people with disabilities and that they had no right to a normal life.


Meri ek tang nakli hai… senior hockey player ka bahut acha... “This recurring monologue is one of the film’s most memorable and problematic scenes. Mushtaq Khan, who was limping, is placed as a prop to scare people. We may also be guilty of finding it hilarious, but it’s time we realized the issues with the scene.

Mujhse Shaadi Karogi

Kader Khan’s character is merely in the plot for comic relief. The writers and creators kind of thought it would be fun to have a character who “chooses” a new handicap every day.

Phir Hera Phéri

Hera Phéri enjoys the status of being one of Bollywood’s best comedies, but that doesn’t mean it’s tactfully done. The script relies on a disability to make people laugh, where a character named Totla Seth gets his nickname due to his stutter.

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