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Commercial films create space for independent films, says Kumud Mishra – Bollywood News

Large commercial films aimed at mainstream audiences are generally thought to lack substance and quality, which is present in low budget art house films which are intended as a form of expression rather than a medium. Entertainment. Veteran actor Kumud Mishra, who has been part of both commercial films and low-budget projects, believes both are equally important.

In a recent media chat, Kumud shared that he sometimes does some movies just for pay as it helps him spend his time on other independent projects. He told PTI: “There are different reasons for making a movie, some you do it because the script is great, some you do it to work with a director and some you do it for the money.

“Money is important, it helps you run the house. Also, it will give you the freedom to do freelance work. I really value big commercial films because they contribute a lot to the cinema and create a space for small independent films”, concluded Kumud Mishra.

Professionally, Mishra was last seen as a sex therapist on the web show “Dr Arora.” Speaking about it, he said, “I know their sensibility and they don’t bring it up to titillate the audience or use cheap humor in it. Ultimately, Imtiaz Ali’s aesthetic is present in the show. and I’m comfortable with that.”