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Emraan Hashmi Questions Why Most Bollywood Actors Avoid Horror Movies, Says This About The New Wave Of Horror Comedies

Bollywood actor Emraan Hashmi, who stars in upcoming horror film ‘Dybbuk The Curse is Real’, said on Wednesday he would continue making horror films as his date with the genre is not not finished yet.

Set in the picturesque setting of Mauritius, the horror thriller chronicles the gruesome incidents that take place on the cursed island.

The film is a Hindi remake of the 2017 Malayalam horror film “Ezra”, which starred Prithviraj Sukumaran in the lead.

Hashmi featured in several Mahesh Bhatt-backed horror films like the “Raaz” franchise in the early years of his acting career and later in “Ek Thi Daayan”, which was produced by filmmaker Vishal Bharadwaj.

“My love affair with horror movies isn’t over yet. I thought it was over five years ago but it isn’t and it will continue. This new movie is different movies I’ve done before. This movie takes on the horror quotient. The narrative style is new and unique,” Hashmi told reporters.

The 42-year-old actor was speaking at the film’s trailer launch event here.

The film, directed by Jay K, who also directed the original, takes its name from Jewish mythology in which dybbuk is a malevolent spirit possessor believed to be the dislocated soul of a deceased person.

Hashmi praised the film’s director for blending Jewish mythology with Indian culture.

“Jewish mythology and our culture are different. I wasn’t aware of that and was intrigued to find out,” he added.

Hashmi said he doesn’t understand why traditional Bollywood stars are reluctant to star in horror movies.

“I’ve been watching horror movies since childhood. I love this genre. The wave of horror comedies (that came) is a subgenre. This (horror) is the parent genre. I believe this genre (of horror) is not explored much in our country.

“Maybe most stars don’t understand this genre so they don’t give their consent and so the budget is not huge for these movies. I hope more stars make horror movies because the success rate is good. Even though fewer horror movies have released, every time they come out, they do good business,” he added.

Jay said that the horror genre is untapped in India and there should be more movies being made in this space.

“Horror has huge potential and it’s untapped in India. Mainstream stars don’t make horror movies, so budgets are lower. I think it’s a genre that has huge potential. It should to be more local horror films because our culture is vast and we have a lot of folklore. It’s high time to explore the genre,” he added.

When asked if he believed in ghosts, Hashmi said he was “skeptical”.

“If I didn’t have (this belief), I wouldn’t be making movies like that. I’d say 50:50. I’m not saying ghosts don’t exist. The thing is, you haven’t seen it and so they don’t exist, that doesn’t mean they don’t exist, I hope they exist for the good of my films.

“I’m skeptical at the same time. I want to be a believer. Until we find out that ghosts exist, we’ll enjoy movies like Dybbuk’.”

“Dybbuk” will be released on Amazon Prime Video on October 29.

Hashmi said he is happy that his film will be introduced to a wider audience with its launch on the streaming service.

“The film was shot internationally and the aesthetic is different from other horror films. For example, how Jay brought in Jewish culture, beliefs and supernatural things. It’s beautiful and we think that it shouldn’t be limited to Indian audiences,” he said. added.

The film, which also features Nikita Dutta and Manav Kaul, is jointly produced by Panorama Studios and T-Series. Clinton Cerejo composed the music.