It is common that when you walk down the street you see children shouting at parents to buy something they saw in the store but what leaves much to be desired is that there are many parents who react as if they had received an order and received it. buy

Young children will always want them to buy everything but it is the parents’ responsibility to teach them a couple of concepts that will serve them for a lifetime. Or do you want your child to reach 20 and keep yelling every time you want something believing you should receive it instantly? If we do not change these habits at an early age, we will end up repenting.

Teach him the value of money:

money loan

A practical way to do this is to count how many hours you work per month. Explain that all that work is to get “X” amount of money to support the family, so when they ask for something, that amounts to a certain number of hours of work and fatigue.

Tasks and rewards:

Continuing, just as you work to earn money from the house, they can also help to earn some small amount of money. First explain to them that these tasks will be outside of what they themselves must perform such as laying the bed, tidying up their room, etc. Then, when they perform some extra task such as watering the garden, sweeping the entire room, helping to load purchases, etc., they can receive a certain amount of money.


If they are walking down the street and their son wants some ice cream, how about he asks: “What do you think if this time you invite?” Of course, at first your child will seem crazy but it will help you to understand that one does not always receive but also gives and that just as it costs him to invite him ice cream, in the same way it costs you to buy the things that he want.


money loan

And if one day after doing a homework he says: “Son, we can’t pay you more, I’m sorry”? Most likely, your child will be very surprised but you can take the opportunity to ask: “Did you save anything?” And then explain why it is good to have savings and even an emergency fund in case things like this happen. If you want to go one step further, you can open a savings account that is exclusively for them – and commit to not touching that money. Also show them that it is good to choose the best option, the one that pays them the most and for that, the Marlisas Derescoras Savings Comparator is an easy-to-use tool.

It is possible to end the “financial palettes”, you only need creativity, determination and, above all, a lot of love! Because in the end everything is for the future of our children.