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From Shah Rukh Khan to Ranveer Singh, Bollywood’s 10 Richest Actors

There are a number of actors who have been in the industry for a very long time. Apart from love and recognition, they have also earned a lot of money with their hit movies.

Here’s a look at ten of Bollywood’s richest actors, according to Forbes. Ready to see the list of the richest actors? Scroll down to see!

Source: rotten tomatoes

1. Shahrukh Khan

Do we really need to write why he is called a superstar? The King of Romance has a distinct fan base and is literally loved around the world. Apparently, his net worth is $800 million (₹80,000,000) and honestly, we’re not even shocked at all.

2. Amitabh Bachchan

The megastar, who has appeared in more than 200 films, has fans nationwide. Apparently, his net worth is said to be $500 million (₹50,00,00,000).

3. Akshay Kumar

After working as a waiter at a food stand, the actor tried his hand at modeling and learned martial arts. Eventually, he started appearing as a background dancer and later marked his acting debut. His current net worth is said to be $340 million (₹34,000,000).

4. Aamir Khan

The actor, who is nothing short of an icon in the film industry, has yielded several smash hits throughout his career. And that’s why, it’s pretty obvious why it makes this list. His net worth is reportedly $250 million (₹25,000,000).

5. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

The oh-so-stunning actor, who was also crowned Miss World in 1994, has done more than 50 films. She has been representing our country on international platforms forever and her net worth is said to be $100 million (₹10,000,000).

6. Priyanka Chopra Jonas

Known for her brilliant choices of shows and movies, the star has garnered attention across the country as well as overseas. According to reports, his net worth is $50 million (₹5,00,00,000).

7. Deepika Padukone

The actress, recipient of several prestigious awards, has played some of the most touching characters of her career, which have been very well received by critics and audiences. His net worth is $40 million (₹4,00,00,000).

8. Anouchka Sharma

This actress-turned-producer began her career with a modeling assignment. After delivering several successes in her acting career, she has earned a place in the hearts of the public. Apparently, his net worth is $36 million (₹3,60,00,000).

9. Ranveer Singh

Known for his effervescent nature and eccentric dress sense, the actor is an icon among the movie fraternity. According to reports, his net worth is $35 million (₹3,50,00,000).

10. Kareena Kapoor Khan

The actress, known for her endearing characters and unparalleled style, is also one of the richest actors in the film industry. If reports are to be believed, his net worth is $16 million (₹1,60,00,000).