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Here’s How Ranveer Singh Deal With Trolls – Bollywood News

Actors Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone are one of Bollywood’s most popular and beloved couples. The duo often set new relationship goals by expressing their affection for each other on social media. But as the saying goes, every coin has two sides. Along with all the love and admiration they receive from fans, Ranveer and Deepika are also subject to frequent trolling and toxicity on social media.

In a recent interview with ETimes, Ranveer discussed how he deals with frequent and inevitable social media negativity. The actor replied, “So now when people throw shade or let go of hate, I understand them and sympathize with them. It comes from a lack of something in them that they find the need to point out. something negative. It’s really just a reflection of them, it’s about them and it’s not about me or my wife. When this review comes in, it’s so unfounded that I don’t buy into it. not even the idea that it should be advanced let alone affected by it.

Ranveer further shared that he doesn’t even bother to clarify the rumors and gossip people create about him and Deepika. He said, “What’s the point. I know the truth. I sleep at night knowing that I’m operating from a genuine, honest and good place in my heart. I’m a good person and I do good to others as much as I can, and I know the same about my wife. People say there is truth and then there are different perspectives. In the end, I know my truth. So how can i worry at all Even my fingers have gotten used to scrolling through the hate and finding the love messages i get Because it’s baseless, i don’t subscribe to it, and it doesn’t bother me. does absolutely nothing. It means absolutely nothing. It affects me in the least.