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Here’s how ‘The Kashmir Files’ impacted Darshan Kumar’s career – Bollywood News

Actor Darshan Kumar, who made a name for himself by starring in films like “Mary Kom” and “NH 10”, recently gave an outstanding performance in the political thriller “The Kashmir Files”. And since “The Kashmir Files” turned out to be a phenomenal success, things have changed for the better for Darshan as well. The actor is now offered storylines with better and more meaningful characters.

During a recent chat with ETimes, Darshan revealed the impact of “The Kashmir Files” on his career. He said, “Before, the same people who didn’t want to invest in my projects are now choosing me as a lead in movies. I’m starting a new movie as a lead on June 3.” About this shift in perception, Darshan said, “The directors always wanted to work with me, but the producers weren’t ready to commit. But everything changed after The Kashmir Files came out.”

At the Aashram Season 3 Trailer Launch Event, Darshan said, “Wherever I go, whether I’m promoting a movie or making a casual appearance, people have always asked when will the third season of Aashram be released. Even on my social media posts, people comment first with this question. So this level of expectation from the fans has imposed an incredible responsibility on us. to put in 3 times our normal efforts and make this new season bigger, better and more entertaining. In June, I hope people enjoy this new season as much as they enjoyed the previous two.”