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Here’s why Saif Ali Khan quit working in mainstream films – Bollywood News

Saif Ali Khan started his career as an A-list star who usually worked in typical romantic comedies, but in recent years he has explored several new genres and opened up to new experimental forms of entertainment. In a recent chat with The Indian Express, Saif shared that although he had a lot of success doing mainstream movies, he thinks he made the right choice by switching to a different type of cinema.

Citing the reason for the change, Saif shared, “The ideas were restrictive and I wasn’t having fun at all. It was important for me to have fun, so I didn’t care about anything. I just wanted to act. I’m on this path where I really want to immerse myself in the character and have fun and not worry about what people are going to say or what’s going to happen, should I do this or that , but really committing to my role too. It’s fun and I’ve always wanted to get there. Acting is hard in the sense that you want to be absolutely carefree and carefree, but there are certain restrictions in life, but now I get to do more of that.

Talking about his recent release ‘Vikram Vedha’, Saif said, “I wanted to do it because I loved this movie when I saw it and then when I read the script it felt like an international script. It’s the kind of story that I used to run anywhere and that’s why they also brought it to Mumbai because they knew it could work even if it was a Hollywood crime drama so this n It wasn’t that it was the script and the role.