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Huma Qureshi talks about his best roles this year – Bollywood News

Gifted actress Huma Qureshi has played a variety of characters in her movies and shows this year. Season 2 of web show ‘Maharani’ featured her as a politician while in ‘Double XL’ she was seen as a plus size woman aspiring to become a sports presenter. Finally, in her latest adventure “Monica O My Darling”, Huma was seen playing a sultry fetal woman.

During a recent media interaction, the actress opened up about those roles and explained why she tries to be versatile with her screenplay choices. Huma told IANS: “It’s been a great year. At some point in my career, I stopped taking advice from people on what projects to take on and followed my instincts. What speaks to me is what I agree to do. And love and success help me believe that I’m headed for an exciting journey.

She further added, “Every actor today is looking for versatility. In fact, it’s imperative for artists so they don’t get bored with what they’re doing. ‘Maharani’ is in its second season, but obviously the character graphic this time was stronger. She has more confidence in her skin and is more comfortable with who she has become. It is about society’s pressure on each of us to submit to its norms and rules. And Monica is probably a character that I personally thoroughly enjoyed.

Speaking more about her character in ‘Monica O My Darling’, Huma said, “You can easily label her as the vamp, but there’s a reason the movie is named after her. Men who use their sexuality to achieve their dreams are not judged, but women who do are easily branded mountain climbers, vampires, etc. .”