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Isn’t the boycott the real reason why Bollywood movies fail? Listening to Goldie Behl, you will also say

The year 2022 has not yet turned out to be a good one for Bollywood. All the released movies were boycotted by the people, as a result of which the makers transferred the theatrically released movies to OTT after some time. Because it was badly beaten at the box office. The same situation happened with Southern Bollywood superstar Vijay Deverakonda’s film ‘Liger’. His film also could not do many wonders and fell on his face. People say the reason behind it at the boycott. But film producer Goldie Behl has something else to say. He talked about it openly in an interview.

In an interview with Spotboye, when Goldie Behl was asked if LIGER failed because of the boycott? To this he replied – No, I don’t think movies fail at the box office because of the boycott trend. I understand that if you see the number of people who go to the cinema and those who boycott on social networks, then you will understand each other.

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This is why Bollywood movies fail
Regarding the industry boycott, Goldie Behl said, “It’s unfortunate. I don’t think any trend can stop a good film from succeeding. I firmly believe in it too. I have been in this industry for a long time. And if the film can touch the public, no one can prevent it from becoming a success. But at the moment it is very sad that people are spreading negativity. I don’t know if this hate campaign affects the performance of the movies or if it’s a coincidence that the movies don’t do well. Because the good films continue despite everything.

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‘Jana Gana Mana’ quit after Liger’s flop
Let us tell you that ‘Liger’ was released on August 25th. This movie had earned about 39 crores in a week. Besides Vijay Deverakonda, Ananya Pandey was seen in this film directed by Puri Jagannath. After being severely beaten at the box office, the actor and director made up for the loss out of his own pocket. Not only that, he had also banned the upcoming movie ‘Jana Gana Mana’. It was also going to be directed by Puri Jagannath. But due to the Liger flop, it has been postponed for the time being.