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John Abraham talks about his upcoming film with Akshay Kumar – Bollywood News

In recent years, actors Akshay Kumar and John Abraham have both worked on similar projects. They both enjoy working on large-scale films with nationalistic overtones and the latest buzz suggests they could soon be seen together sharing the screen on an upcoming project. John and Akshay have previously worked together in films like “Garam Masala” and “Desi Boys”.

The movie is called ‘Parlok’ and while speaking, John told Pinkvilla, “You haven’t seen a movie like this in a long time, it’s going to shock audiences. It’s been 5 years in the making. Because it’s such a difficult film to tell, that it becomes difficult.

Again sharing his excitement to share the screen with Akshay, John said, “Man! I love Akshay. You know when we talk today about two heroes who look great on screen together, because that their chemistry is so seamless – it’s Akshay and I, because we genuinely share that love and bond off-screen and we just translate that onto the screen.

The actor concluded by saying, “So let him pull my hair and throw him and throw him. It works because we’re so in love with each other as people. So yes, I would love to work with Akshay Forget Garam Masala 2 I would love Desi Boys 2 anything can happen I need an excuse to work with Akshay Kumar But I think he is very busy , he’s probably doing 144 movies now? But I’m going to retire him and work with him soon.