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Kabir Khan recalls receiving death threats from the Taliban – Bollywood News

Kabir Khan is one of Bollywood’s most passionate filmmakers. He has made a wide range of films and he is known for giving the utmost attention to work in progress. Kabir started his Bollywood career with John Abraham and Arshad Warsi starring ‘Kabul Express’ which was filmed in Afghanistan. Apparently, shooting in Afghanistan was no small feat and in a recent media interaction, Kabir recalled the time he received a death threat from the Taliban themselves.

During an interview with Mashable’s The Bombay Journey, Kabir shared, “The Indian ambassador called us and said, ‘Kya kar rahe ho?’ (What are you doing?) We told him we were shooting our movie. So he told us to come to his office once we’re done. We packed up the shoot that day and are We went to meet him. When we got there, there was the Indian ambassador and an Indian military attache.”

The director added: “They told us that the American, the Afghan and our intelligence services told us that there was a credible death threat against you, your actors and your film unit. Five people have been sent by a unit across the border in Pakistan. to hit your unit. ‘Khoon sookh gaya ye sun kar (I was numb hearing that).”

However, the film crew managed to get support from Afghan forces and filming continued. Kabir recalls: “The Afghans took it personally and said, ‘How can the Taliban stop your shooting?’ The Afghan security minister came and said if you go back to India tomorrow it will be our defeat. »