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Karan Johar is very impressed with this superhero movie – bollywood news

A few weeks ago, Netflix released the Malayalam-language film “Minnal Murali” which gave audiences its own indigenous superhero of the same name. The film received positive reviews from fans as well as critics. Apart from that, lead actor Tovino Thomas also received a few words of appreciation from filmmaker Karan Johar himself.

Tovino took to Instagram to share a screenshot of his conversation with Karan. The filmmaker had texted him: “Hey Tovino! I finally got the chance to watch Minnal Murali last night and had so much fun! So smartly done and keeping the entertainment quotient until the end! It was a clutter-breaking superhero movie! are amazing! Congratulation ! What a joy! ”Tovino’s response to this reading,“ Thank you very much sir! It means a lot to us! “

The actor captioned this post, “Posts like these! It’s not always that the whole world starts to appreciate your work in every nook and cranny. And especially when a filmmaker like @ karanjohar who has given many all time artists for us, appreciates our work, it seems surreal. Thank you sir for letting us know how much you liked the movie! Glad to know you really enjoyed it. “

Tovino has reached another level of fame with “Minnal Murali” and this grateful gesture from Karan Johar could mean he could appear in Bollywood projects soon as well.