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KGF 2 the only movie! Rocking star Yash trending #Yash54 – Bollywood News

Yash left the whole nation to salute his name with the success of KGF 2. Rocking Star’s stardom craze has seen an unprecedented rise that has never been seen before. While the actor created his own league, he ruled the box office with KGF 2 scoring the biggest opening collecting 54 Cr. in the hindi market alone on the first day. Where those opening figures created box office history, Rocky Bhai’s craze has now started a new trend by screaming his name with #Yash54.

The kind of rage Yash created with KGF 2 became a big challenge for many biggies. It really set the bar high for industry trendsetters to hit the mark for such a bumper opening. by collecting 54 Cr. from day one, Yash set a huge record that has never been achieved by anyone in the industry. While the star hasn’t just made his mark nationwide, he’s got the entire internet talking about his record. While giving rise to a whole new internet trend, Yash is now trending with #Yash54 where netizens constantly show their love for the pan-Indian star.

Plus, Yash has maintained his spot at the top with these huge box office collections, he doesn’t seem to have any competition at the moment. Apart from its day one collection, the film also collected a huge figure of 900 Cr. in the domestic market and around $27 million in the international market, while it is constantly gaining a lot of love on the OTT platform as well.