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Kriti Sanon to Gauhar Khan, Bollywood actors get trolled for claiming good luck held them back

At one point we all agreed that the mantra for climbing most ladders in life is ‘look good, look good and look good’. And if it’s complemented by talent, what could go wrong? But some of the Indian actors said they face such hardships that would put even first world issues to shame.

From Karan Tacker to Dino Morea, some actors have claimed that their beauty, instead of being an enabler, has become an obstacle to success. Wild, isn’t it?

Some of them also talked about movies they rejected or had a hard time getting because of their…beautiful appearance. Did honesty peak here or what?

Dino Morea has expressed his contempt for good looks as it keeps him from landing.

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Hindi Daily Soap idol Karan Tacker has also said that he was unable to get offers due to his good looks and body.

Karan Tacker
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Gauhar Khan has revealed that she lost a role in Slum Dog Millionaire because of her pretty face.

Gauhar Khan
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Kriti Sanon was told to add some imperfections to her otherwise pristine face to look real on screen.

Kriti Sanon
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Great. So how much are you selling me for your problem?

Twitter users have finally cracked the code for most of their rejections in life.

Next time, when you don’t get something done, don’t admit your incompetence, walk away assuming you’re too good for it.