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Mithali Raj and I have opposite personalities, says Taapsee Pannu – Bollywood News

Whenever an actor portrays a well-known real-life character on the big screen, they often talk about the similarities between themselves and the character. However, that is not the case with actress Taapsee Pannu, who is set to play cricketer Mithali Raj in the upcoming biographical drama “Shabas Mithu.” In a recent chat with Bollywood Times, Taapsee shared how her personality is totally opposite to Mithali’s personality and moreover, she had no idea how to play cricket before filming this project.

She said: “I’m a fish out of water when it comes to cricket. I hadn’t picked a bat in my life until I started preparing for this movie. I had to training for months. Also, in addition to learning the technique of the sport that I had never practiced before, Mithali and I are worlds apart. Our personalities are radically different.

Taapsee added, “She’s very poised, elegant and weighs every word as she speaks. I’m the exact opposite. For me, controlling my expressions and not overreacting to what she’s doing was a big deal. huge challenge. I had to convey my thoughts through my eyes. How do I control the elation that comes naturally to me? I struggled to figure out the range to play Mithali.