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Nawazuddin Siddiqui highlights the difference between two types of actors – Bollywood News

Actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui is one of the few stars who doesn’t mince his words while sharing his opinions on how the film industry works. In a recent chat with The Indian Express, Nawaz talked about the difference between actors who are loved by the masses and actors who are popular just because of their PR machinery.

Nawaz said: “It’s a great illusion that the audience is intellectual. We have audiences everywhere, we have audiences in the remotest villages of India. There are two types of actors, one who is one ‘ka public actor’ and the other is ‘industry ka actor’. The actor who is loved by the public has only one problem: his films cannot reach the public, but when he reaches it , the public really likes them.

He added: “For the ‘industry ka actor’, it doesn’t matter if the public likes them or not, but their films are hammered at them. I am from the public, they will like my films, but my films don’t like ‘If my movies only get 200-400 screens, how am I going to reach them?”

Nawazuddin concluded by saying, “When I undertake a project, I don’t think my intellectual disciples will like it and it won’t, nor does my performance have that kind of rigidity, so a boy from the village can enjoy my movies as much as a city boy I come from a village, we are the ones who have watched so many movies and made them hits, so I believe in the audience watching movies in theaters and make it a success.