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Never took anything from daddy Boney Kapoor, says Arjun Kapoor – Bollywood News

It is often believed that life is quite easy and struggle-free for Bollywood starkids but that is not true in the case of Arjun Kapoor. Although he is the son of filmmaker Boney Kapoor, Arjun has led a life full of pitfalls. To be able to get where he is today, the actor had to overcome hardships such as the divorce of his parents, obesity, the death of his mother among others.

In a recent chat with Bollywood Bubble, Arjun talked about several aspects of his life and shared that he never got any help from his father since he got his start in Bollywood. The actor said: “I’ve never taken anything from my dad since I became an actor. Even before that it was very limited to the bare necessities. My mum took very good care of us. raised very well. My dad was as present as he could be. It’s something very special for me to be in a position today where I can wake up and say ‘no’ to a movie. .”

Talking about the importance of his mother in his life, Arjun said, “I think she would have been happy even if she could see my first movie. That would have been enough for him. She sacrificed so much to put me in a position where I can be independent. It’s just about doing well and making sure your family knows you can take care of yourself. It would have been nice for my mom to know he was okay, and that’s what parents want.