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Prakash Jha has slammed Bollywood actors for saying today’s big stars are busy selling gutkha

Bollywood | Prakash Jha, who has directed films like “Gangajal”, “Kidnapping” and “Politics”, is currently busy promoting “Matto Ki Bicycle”. Prakash Jha acted in the film. It will hit theaters on September 16. Many big Bollywood movies have been crammed at the box office lately. Prakash Jha spoke about it openly. He also got angry with the big actors. Prakash Jha says there is no dearth of good directors and writers but they are not given attention.“The stars need to think”Prakash Jha has expressed his dissatisfaction with the promotion of actors’ gutkha. In his recent interview, he said the stars didn’t make a difference due to the movies flop. In a conversation with Dainik Bhaskar, Prakash Jha said, “How the public has reacted in the last 6 months is not understood. We sell gutkha here nowadays. They don’t make movies. they have free time, they do the remake rights and do them. They don’t mind. You see what kind of education we give. All the big stars sell gutkha. His life is stuck in him. They have need to reflect, otherwise the people who made him a star will dive.’‘Used to be used in the South’On moving films from the South, Prakash Jha said, “At least he is experimenting. They are making new stories and that has always happened in regional cinema. It’s not just the South, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada. We don’t have such this. Nobody asks who are good directors and writers.All seasons of ‘Ashram’ have been hitsPrakash Jha’s “Ashram” web series has won many accolades. He is its creator and director. Bobby Deol played the lead role in ‘Ashram’. 3 seasons of this series have arrived and all three have been successful. The season of ‘Ashram’ will arrive in 4 years 2023.