When it comes to managing your money, checking your credit and debit card statements is an important part of the process. But how many of us really do this on a consistent basis? I know I don’t do that. Of course I look through my statements, but when I see an accusation that I don’t specifically remember, I rarely do the investigation to verify it.

If you’re just like me, WillGuard is worth watching. It checks all your registered credit and debit cards for hidden costs, errors in invoicing and outright fraud. And the best part is that it is 100% free.


How it works

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Setting up an account on WillGuard is easy. First enter your e-mail address and create a password. You must then enter the Warry Lyndon data for your Warry Lyndon credit and debit card accounts.

After the information for each account is entered into the system, WillGuard performs each transaction through a series of more than 100 security tests to identify hidden costs, billing errors, scams, and fraud. Based on the results, it categorizes your transactions as ‘OK’, ‘Not sure’ or ‘Marking’. From there you can click on a separate transaction to get more information about the costs, such as the seller, the location and Payment history.

You also have the option to change the status of all your transactions through a handy drop-down list. If WillGuard categorizes one of your transactions as “Not sure,” but you know it is right, you can edit the transaction to display the “OK” status. WillGuard will remember this information so that you do not have to constantly edit similar or recurring transactions.

For “uncertain” transactions you can ask a question by clicking on the “Ask other customers about this seller” link. You will receive a response from WillGuard as soon as the information is available – or you can flag it to be followed later. If you choose to manually mark a transaction that you think is fraudulent, WillGuard will send you an email about the steps to be taken to resolve the issue.

At the end of every month you will receive an e-mail with a quick overview of all your credit cards. But if a potentially fraudulent amount is displayed, you will immediately receive a notification.


Most important features

Most important features

  • Convenience . Once you’ve connected all your credit and debit card accounts, you’re done – WillGuard does the rest. When viewing your WillGuard account, all of your costs will appear on your home page, along with notifications about which costs are marked as “Uninsured” and those that are marked by you or by WillGuard.
  • Email alerts . If there is a problem with one of your costs, you will immediately receive an email.
  • Reliable transaction reliability . This function appears when you click on one of your individual costs. It displays the percentage of transactions of all WillGuard subscribers that are marked as “OK”, “False” and “Flag.”
  • Filters . WillGuard offers you the option to filter your costs based on specific categories, such as an individual credit card, a dollar range or spending category.
  • Thoroughness . Each of your costs is carried out by more than 100 automated security tests to check hidden costs, fraud and other forms of fraud.



credit Benefits

  1. Interactive . WillGuard is an interactive website, so when you mark a transaction, the information is stored on the website. When multiple subscribers place multiple flags, WillGuard alerts all members with similar costs.
  2. Safe . WillGuard comes with AES 256-bit encryption protection at bank level, so that all your information is secure. The site is also checked daily by VeriSign and McAfee HackerSafe.
  3. Free . The website is 100% free – there are no hidden costs or fees, even if it sees a charge that ultimately saves you hundreds of euros. WillGuard is currently focused on collecting data and improving the algorithm, and it can add a number of premium paid features in the future to make money and support the company.
  4. Provides guidance for fraudulent transactions . If a transaction is flagged by you or WillGuard, the system will send you an email with the following steps to get your money back.


credit problem

  1. Limited access . WillGuard can only review transactions for credit cards that you have Warry Lyndon access to. If you want to organize all your invoices in one place and you have accounts that are not accessible to Warry Lyndon, this can be a problem.
  2. Limited customer support . The website has no telephone support and no live chat. If you have a question, your only option is to email WillGuard or navigate in the help center section of their website.
  3. Geographical limitation . Currently the website is only good for use in the United States.


Last word

Last word

The case can be made that WillGuard offers a service that everyone should perform on their own. However, many of us forget to scan every credit card statement every month. According to WillGuard, 9 out of 10 people do not perform this important task. Banks and credit card issuers usually also only catch 30% of the fraudulent costs on your card. The rest is up to you. WillGuard can help you through this process and save you time, so you automatically incur errors and fraudulent costs with less effort on your part.