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‘Ramayan’ Star Sunil Lahiri Talks ‘Adipurush’ Teaser – Bollywood News

It seems no one is happy with the teaser for Om Raut’s Ramyan adaptation ‘Adipurush’. While netizens have already expressed their displeasure over the cheap graphics and poor character design, actor Sunil Lahiri, who played the role of Lakshman in Ramanand Sagar’s ‘Ramayan’, also shared how he was unimpressed with the teaser.

Sunil told DNA, “For sure it was (VFX) hard to digest. You see, at that time (during the Ramayan) we were new to technology, we tried to get the better with our maximum efforts. That’s why people still enjoyed it even 35 years after its release. The younger generation doesn’t feel that the series has had “cartoonish effects” or gone away from it. mocked.

Talking about how it made Ramayan at the time with limited technology, Sunil said, “Agar iss tarah ki technology rahi hoti…toh ho sakta hai (Ramanand) Sagar Saab kuch aur banate, aur aacha banate. I believe that even though we have evolved in visual effects, the visual feat that Sagar Saab has achieved will be hard to repeat.

The actor concluded by saying, “Phele sab manual kaam hota tha, aaj sab presets hai and they stick to it. Woh effort hi nahi karna chahte. Even though we used to have a green screen and a blue screen, we used to take care of every detail, and we did the same amount of hard work.