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Ranveer Singh to Salman Khan, Bollywood actors who faced anger over ‘sexist’ comments

Mukesh Khanna, who starred as the beloved Indian superhero in Shaktiman, went viral on the internet for his “sexist” comments about girls.

On his youtube channel, ‘Bheeshm International’, he shared a video where he began by warning boys against girls “who rip them off in the name of friendship and love”.

The veteran actor was seen further saying, “I don’t like girls who are shameless. Girls are girls. They have limits and values ​​to which they must adhere. Aisi ladkiyon se bacho (run away from those girls).

Explaining the definition of ‘aisi ladki’, he added, ‘Run from this racket. Girls asking for sex with boys are not girls but sex workers.’

While Khanna defended himself by saying that he does not comment on the relationship between men and women in general and that his aim was to raise awareness among “young people about sex racketeering”, his remarks drew a lot of hatred from people. Web users.

While Khanna had been called out for her lyrics, there have been several other instances in the past where Bollywood actors have made similar “sexist” remarks.

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Ranveer Singh

In an episode of Coffee with Karan where Ranveer Singh and Anushka Sharma had come to promote their film Bajaa Baarat Group, Ranveer asked Anushka, “Hey, do you want your ass pinched? I’m right here.” Both Anushka and KJo were visibly taken aback by this statement. However, Anushka quickly made it clear that she didn’t like being spoken to that way.

Randeep Hooda

Known for his intense roles, Hooda made an offensive statement about BSP chief Mayawati in 2012, reportedly about his physical appearance. In what he claimed to be a “joke”, Hooda was heard at an event saying, “I think I’m going to tell a very dirty joke. Mrs. Mayawati was once walking down the street with two children. .. two boys. There was a man who asked him if they were twins. When Mayawati clarified that they weren’t, the man said, “I can’t believe anyone there. either went twice”. As a result, he was removed from his position as ambassador of the Convention for the Conservation of Migratory Species and Wild Animals, United States. nations.

Salman Khan

Referring to his filming experience for Sultan, Salman said, “When I walked out of the ring, I felt like a raped woman walking out.” Although the statement received serious backlash, the audience at the time could be seen laughing at its reference.

Shahrukh Khan
At a book launch event, Shah Rukh Khan nominating an author said, “Please sit down! It may be politically incorrect but when I talk to a woman, I wish she was lying down. Ironically, after that he continued to talk about all the women who had a big impact on his life.