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Ranvir Shorey Explains Why He Doesn’t Have Enough Leading Roles – Bollywood News

Ranvir Shorey is one of Bollywood’s most skilled yet underutilized actors. He was part of several critically acclaimed films but despite that, he never got the recognition or the kind of roles that justified his talent. In a recent interview with ETimes, Ranvir reflected on his career and explained why he didn’t get too many lead roles.

He said: “One might be because I do character roles, so the producers and writers only see me as a character actor. Another reason might be that lead roles are for a certain class of people to which I do not belong. There could be several reasons.”

Ranvir went on to add how his father being a filmmaker affected his career. He said: “It didn’t work out in my favour. Because my father was with seven big families – the cartel. He was a small producer. So even in association politics he defended small producers. So , my my dad came from the shallow end of the pool. So I wouldn’t say it helped me. But it worked as a handicap because all of a sudden there’s a glass ceiling. You are considered like this guy who should only do that. No better than that. Somehow it affected my career, but nothing that matters to me.”

Speaking about his latest movie “Mid Day Meeal,” Ranvir said, “Mid Day Meeal is a movie that has a social theme at its core, but it also has a very good script. It offered me an interesting role, something something I’ve never done before. It’s very exciting and inspiring for me when a writer or director sees in me the potential to play something that I haven’t done before. Those are the two key things that drew me to the film.