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Rashmika Mandanna talks about her Bollywood journey – Bollywood News

Rashmika Mandanna is a pan-Indian artist in every sense of the word. Usually, it takes years for an actor to make his mark, but Rashmika has already made a name for himself in the Kannada, Telugu and Hindi film industry and that too at a very young age. In a recent chat with The Indian Express, the actress expressed her gratitude to the fans for accepting her and shared how she managed to work in different film industries.

Rashmika said, “I’m absolutely grateful. Really grateful because I realized how difficult it is to be successful in the film industry. Making a film good enough to touch people’s hearts is a journey in itself. I am grateful to have received such films and the people i have worked with so far have been amazing and supportive of me so much here i am promoting my first hindi film and it is huge once that you become an actor, you want to do different roles and different languages ​​I had these opportunities and I will make the best use of them.

She added: “Cultural change has always been happening because I am from Coorg. From me, coming to Bangalore from Coorg was a journey in itself. Then from Bangalore to Hyderabad, to Chennai and now to Mumbai, so I have I’ve seen a cultural shift happen and I’m grateful, I know there’s a lot more to do, but today I’m happy to be here.