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Redditors reveal 22 things shown in Bollywood movies that are totally unrealistic in real life

We love watching Bollywood movies for a reason: they help us escape the reality of life and show us what happy endings are. The fact that we keep watching these romantic movies is because somewhere in our hearts we are immersed in this story!

But we also know that it is imaginary and that it will only last a few hours. Talking about it reminds us of the unrealistic things we see in movies, including romance, action, fantasy, and drama.

The people on Reddit discuss unrealistic things we see in Bollywood movies. And honestly, it gives us a reality we didn’t ask for.

1. “A very high-fi college full of expensive cars and rich students etc etc, you basically know Karan Johar’s idea of ​​a college, well, that doesn’t exist.”


2. “That if you continually chase the girl and find creative and destructive ways to ‘prove yourself’, eventually she’ll reciprocate. I’m glad I got away with it as a teenager.”

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3. “Heroin or heroin lands straight into overseas jobs without any visa issues! Matlab, the thousands of people queuing outside foreign embassies with their janm-kundalis are they crazy or what?”


4. “The thunderbolt and the winds blowing the leaden hair. Firstly, there are practically no such winds in today’s weather. Secondly, no girl will keep her hair open every day because it’s too hot.”


5. “Men and women who have perfect bodies and hardly work out. Women with flat stomachs and hourglass figures and men with 6-8 pack abs.


6. “Watching contests between hero and heroine when she’s about to fall and he catches her. Bollywood sold me dreams, man.”


7. “I thought actors had some kind of trick to change their dress in a second in the middle of a song.”


8. “That boys and girls can’t just be good friends. Kuch Kuch Hota hai thing. Yes they can! It was such a foreign concept to me as a kid. I thought everyone fell in love all the time.”


9. “Not exactly believed but found it very strange that all the heroines who up to then wore western clothes or had tomboy outfits would suddenly start wearing sarees after marriage.”


10. “I used to think it was common for couples to seduce each other by singing/dancing like in the movies. I asked my mom, ‘What song did daddy sing for you, mommy?’ I was 6. It was the first time I heard about arranged marriages.”


11. “You start dancing in the middle of a street and within seconds a group of guys are joining you.”


12. “In action movies, people don’t tire at all or run out of steam unless the plot demands it. I mean, even elite athletes take breaks and you can visibly see them trying to catch their breath in intense matches/games Beat a hundred mooks I’m fine not tired at all or breathing heavily until I get to the final boss !”


13. “Those action fight scenes from movies like Rohit Shetty in which the heroes literally smash everything nearby on public property! Who’s going to pay for that damage? They tear down entire restaurants and walk away. .Also those entrance scenes in Rohit’s The Shetty movies where a guy has about 50 BMW sports cars.”


14. “Turn on the news and have the first story that comes up be the one the protagonist is looking for, with no channel changes or commercials.”


15. “People make giant breakfasts, eat a bite of eggs, take a sip of juice and leave. Hang up the phone without saying goodbye. Friends have breakfast together during the week. Women make up in bed or wake up with a face full of makeup and perfect hairstyle.”


16. “When someone texts their parent/friend/partner and the text we see is ALWAYS the first one written in that conversation. It doesn’t make sense.”


17. “Stuck dupatta – as an ordinary girl wearing dupatta, I can say this never happens.”


18. “Breaking a car window with your elbow to smash it. Good luck, your elbow will break sooner than the glass, which won’t shatter into a million pieces.”


19. “Brief meetings and conversations on the point. In movies, two people meet and often express everything the audience needs to know quickly, and the meeting is over in less than two minutes. In real life, people procrastinate and make small talk and repeat themselves. How many times in real life have you met someone and then left within two minutes?”


20. “Pulling the pin on a grenade with teeth. Grenade pins are made so they can’t be accidentally pulled, if someone tried to pull a pin with their teeth, all of their teeth would fall out.”


21. “In terms of dating, when a man approaches a woman, the woman never freaks out and always agrees to date the man. Damn, I rarely know women who even want to be approached randomly in public.”


22. “Arriving at the airport at the last possible second to prevent your soul mate from leaving, did you deal with modern airport security?”


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