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Revealed! Which Bollywood actors did Mrunal Thakur have a crush on?

Mrunal Thakur, who will soon be seen opposite Shahid Kapoor in Jersey, is a simple person at heart. “I’m pretty gullible. If a salesperson comes to sell me something expensive, I’ll buy it, ”she says. But no filmmaker could sell him a bad story. If we look at her filmography and her journey from Sonia (Love Sonia) to Vidya (Jersey), via Supriya (Super 30), Nandita (Batla House), Ira (Ghost Stories), Ananya (Toofaan) and Soumya ( Dhamaka).

“I have to live a story for 100 days when buying something takes a fraction of a minute or seconds, and they can convince me then. Thank goodness I don’t do that with my movies Adds Mrunal who is also a Bollywood ‘keeda’ at heart. “Babumoshai, zindagi lambi nahin badi honi chahiye,” she ends in Anand’s classic Hrishikesh Mukherjee line, which clearly means her roles must have an impact, otherwise she won’t be part of any movie.

“My characters started with someone who was a victim and was naive and vulnerable in Sonia, grew in Super 30 as Supriya and became very steadfast and fiery as Nandita, in Ananya who believes in humanity. to Soumya who is very passionate about her job – journalism to Vidya who is very practical and believes that she cannot live with her heart all the time and also has to make decisions with her mind. My characters have only grown bigger », Explains Mrunal.

The actress rose to fame as a Bulbul in the TV drama Kumkum Bhagya a few years ago. So, has the bulbul taken off? “The bulbul took flight a long time ago. Now she rides well, ”laughs Mrunal. She has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry so far.

“I cannot tell you how enchanting this trip has been. I survived earlier, and now I live. I work with the actors with whom I had dreamed of working. I work with actors like Shahid, Hrithik (Roshan), John (Abraham) and Kartik Aaryan. The first three are very special because when I was in 6th or 7th I had cutouts of these actors and kept them in the textbooks with my sister. My father berated us for that. He told us to focus on studies and not on films. We didn’t have cable TV in our homes. We used to go to our neighbors to watch something interesting. And now, it’s a manifestation of this passion for films, ”she shares.

Opening about his role in Jersey Mrunal, he said: “Vidya is first and foremost a mother, but she is not only the mother of Kittu (child actor) but also of her husband Arjun (Shahid). always something from him – not a diamond or a bungalow but the appreciation she never gets She takes care of the house financially as well as the child.

Developing further, she says, “Why does a relationship break down when a person stops trying?” She wants it to work. She wants Arjun to be a good father. But sometimes they seem unreasonable because of her dreams. I’ve never played such a role before. I’m naive, vulnerable, and angry all at the same time in the trailer. In real life, I’m not someone who gets so restless either. I have no children and I am not married. I don’t know how to run a family. But then I became a better human.

After playing the title role in Love Sonia, does she want one more? “Yes, I still want it. It is obviously the dream of any actor to play such roles. I am hungry for such characters. I don’t mind waiting. I have some great scripts coming up, but I am unable to resonate with them. I have to be able to learn and take off. I need a unique movie that has to be known as a cult movie. It is my desire to perform something out of the box. Maybe the filmmakers reading this article will say we have a script, but we don’t think you can. It’s a role I want to play, ”she exclaims confidently.

Before we took our leave, we couldn’t help but ask Mrunal if anyone had said to him, “Yeh haath, mujhe dede Thakur! “It has happened so many times. From my childhood, people made fun of my last name,” she laughs and signs off.

Posted on: Thursday December 23, 2021 07:12 AM IST