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Saif Ali Khan Shares His View on Dating Killings – Bollywood News

Actor Saif Ali Khan is set to appear as a tough and tough cop in his upcoming crime thriller ‘Vikram Vedha’ which also stars Hrithik Roshan. The film will star Saif as a dating specialist who has no remorse for committing extrajudicial executions as he sees it as a necessity for society. In a recent promotional interview, Saif shared that he disagrees with his character’s ideology.

Describing what an encounter is, Saif told The Indian Express, “When the mafia problem was getting so out of hand, there was this urban legend that we won’t show if the ‘criminal’ was shot by genuinely trying to escape, or executed, and later they do the paperwork to show he was trying to escape and we had to shoot him. It’s called an “encounter”, a “fake encounter”. It’s kind of awful forensic… I’m sure it’s completely illegal.” But it’s also quite disturbing cinematically, and that’s kind of what my character does. But he is convinced that he is a good guy, because (he thinks) it is necessary.”

Sharing his take on all of this, Saif said: “I’m a lot more…probably a little leftist I guess…I don’t know, I probably shouldn’t say those things anymore today. But yeah, I’ “I’m really liberal and easy going, and I think everyone has a right to a fair trial before judgment. I’m definitely not for executing suspected criminals, which my character seems to enjoy doing.”