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Sharad Kelkar on Being the Hindi Voice of Prabhas – Bollywood News

Apart from having a powerful screen presence, actor Sharad Kelkar also has an amazing voice and he knows how to use it well. He has voiced various powerful characters in Hindi dubbed versions of Hollywood and South Indian films, but he himself does not find his voice that impressive. “I listen to my voice every day, and I can’t find anything special about it, to be honest. But people tell me that they like my voice. I listen to Bachchan sahab’s voice every day and I know I’m nothing close to that,” he told the Indian Express.

Sharad’s most popular work as a voice-over artist was voicing the character of Prabhas in SS Rajamouli’s ‘Bahubali’ franchise. Speaking about this, the actor told The Indian Express, “What happened during Baahubali is that maybe Rajamouli sir thought my voice suited Prabhas personality as he liked my voice very much. personality. When he met me before I started dubbing for his movie, he saw me up and down and read my mannerisms and then he cast me to voice the character of Prabhas. It was totally his call.

Sharad continued, “He chose me not only after meeting me, but also after studying and observing me. Besides, I act. I don’t dub the movie. I just can’t dub without acting. If you ever catch me in a dubbing studio, you’ll laugh because you’ll find me doing many different things, sometimes weird things while saying my lines. I do voice. I don’t do voice acting.