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Shocking! Here is the list of previous jobs of Bollywood actors

Mumbai: There is no doubt that Bollywood actors with their hard work and dedication have left a strong imprint not only on the Indian box office but also on the hearts and minds of the public.

We have seen and heard many stories of struggle from these Bollywood actors, which not only touch hearts but also bring tears to our eyes.

As we know, for many Bollywood celebrities acting was not their first job.

So let us discuss the previous jobs of Bollywood actors.

1. Ranveer Singh

The powerhouse and one of Bollywood’s versatile actors. Ranveer Singh was an editor at a popular agency.

2. Taapsee Pannu

Actress Taapsee Pannu, known for her strong performances in the Bollywood industry, has undoubtedly left her mark. But do you know that the actress started her career as an online application developer.

3. Randeep Hooda

Indeed, we have seen some amazing characters come from the side of the actor and win the hearts of fans. But do you know that actor Randeep Hooda worked as a waiter and car washer to survive.

4. Nawazuddin Siddiqui

A name that needs no introduction and talent house Nawazuddin Siddiqui is indeed one of the most beloved actors we have in the industry. The actor is said to have worked as a chemist in Vadodara for a year.

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5. Akshay Kumar

We have seen and heard many times that actor Akshay Kumar worked as a waiter and then as a chef when he was in Bangkok. The actor was ready to make martial arts his profession.

6. Amitabh Bachchan

Shahenshah from Bollywood before entering Bollywood had worked in several places. He was rejected from All India Radio because of his voice.

7. Arshad Warsi

An actor known to this day for his comedic timing, Arshad Warsi is undoubtedly one of the most beloved actors. Do you know Arshad Warsi was a door to door salesman earlier. Arshad Warsi has also worked as a background dancer.

8. Boman Irani

Before entering the world of cinema, actor Boman Irani was a room service attendant and waiter in Mumbai. No doubt it is thanks to his hard work and dedication that he is one of the most followed actors in Bollywood.

Here is the list of Bollywood actors with their previous jobs. What’s your opinion on that? Let us know in the comments section below.

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