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Sona Mohapatra slams some Bollywood actors who aren’t fluent in Hindi as a ‘pity’

Sona Mohapatra has called it a “pity” that some Bollywood actors are not fluent in Hindi despite working in the Hindi film industry. Sona said that while South Indian cinema embraces its culture, some Hindi film actors even struggle to speak the language properly. Read also | Sona Mohapatra recalls receiving ‘rape threats’ after criticizing Salman Khan

Sona will soon be seen in Shut Up Sona, a documentary about her, which she describes as a commentary on Bollywood music and industry through a female lens. Sona, who has recently focused on live shows instead of working in Bollywood as a playback singer, clarified that this doesn’t mean she is parting ways with the industry.

Asked to comment on the Hindi language debate, Sona told India Today: “I can say one thing, I watched RRR and Pushpa and I was literally jumping and dancing and making the ‘foofa’ crowd feel uncomfortable. and I had a reaction. Hats off! The effort, the art direction, the casting was brilliant. It was great to see them embracing their culture.

She added, “Although we have some amazing stars in Bollywood, I have to say there are actors who can barely speak Hindi and that’s a shame because as a Hindi movie star you have to be fluent. language. The Indian aesthetic is quite strong in Southern films.”

It comes after actor Sudeep, popularly known as Kiccha Sudeep, and Ajay Devgn engaged in a debate over Hindi being the ‘national language’. Sudeep had told a press conference that Hindi could no longer be called the ‘national language’ after recent successes in South Indian cinema, after which Ajay tweeted and asked Sudeep why he chose to dub his films into Hindi. Sudeep later clarified that the context in which he made this statement was entirely different and that it was not intended to provoke debate.

Sona’s documentary Shut Up Sona will begin airing on ZEE5 on July 1. It is directed by Deepti Gupta.

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